This tiny Kansas City brewery’s website keeps crashing because of intense demand as pandemic hammers beer industry

If you want cans of BKS beer during the coronavirus pandemic, you’re going to need quick fingers and a fast internet connection.

For whatever reason, during our current troubles, the teeny-tiny brewery in the Brookside neighborhood—maker of our 2019 Beer of the Year, a hazy blonde ale called Tiny Clouds—has gone from extremely popular to wildly popular.

As so many craft breweries struggle in a brutal economic environment, for whatever reason this is the moment people across KC decided to notice the brilliance of BKS Artisan Ales’ brewer Brian Rooney, the only full-time employee of his small brewery on 63rd Street, which operated a weekends-only taproom before switching to-go because of the coronavirus pandemic.

BKS posts its weekly offerings of four packs on Thursday nights at 7 pm. Not only have those cans sold out in minutes, but the surge is also now overwhelming their website.

“There’s been a significant increase in demand for our cans, week over week. We are trying to make sure our online experience is as smooth as possible. However, when we get all online traffic hitting at once, our online store is not able to keep up,” the brewery wrote in a Facebook post today, following another instant sell-out.

It’s worth mentioning that BKS still have 750-milliliter growlers (and pretzels!) on sale via their site, having recently doubled capacity.

I just placed my order for curbside pickup of growlers of IPA (pickup is completely seamless and no-touch) and you can, too.

You can also support other local breweries like Sandhills in Johnson County, which is likewise seeing its special release canned beers snapped up at record pace and taprooms like Bier Station which has switched to delivery.

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