Curbside takeout options explode in KC in wake of coronavirus—a new site helpfully sorts them

Kansas City restaurants are already expanding to-go dining options due to the coronavirus outbreak, from casual spots like Pirate’s Bone Burgers and Jarocho to fine dining rooms such as Stock Hill and Corvino Supper Club and Tasting Room. Many of these restaurants are also offering curbside pickup so guests do not have to leave their cars.

If diners don’t want to pick up food themselves, Door Dash, Postmates, Grub Hub and UberEats are promoting “contactless delivery” functions where customers can request food to be left at the front door and post photos of the drop location through the food delivery app.

The folks behind Open Belly, a podcast exploring America’s vibrant and diverse food culture, know that because of social distancing recommendations behind the pandemic, local restaurants are taking a blow.

To offset this, the podcast created a website called Curbside KC where you can find all Kansas City restaurants offering delivery, takeout and curbside pickup options.

“We’re all trying to practice social distancing, many restaurant workers and employees are wondering how they’ll make ends meet,” Danielle Lehman, host and creator of Open Belly, tells Kansas City magazine. “Restaurants are adapting by offering curbside takeout or delivery, and now we’re also seeing many higher-end restaurants who don’t typically offer takeout adding it as an option. I wanted to create a central database where people can find information about who is offering these services so we can all continue to support our favorite locally-owned restaurants during this period of time.”

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