Beloved KC Pakistani restaurant to close

Brookside’s beloved Pakistani restaurant, Chai Shai, has announced that it will close after eleven years.

Chai Shai, which sat on the quiet corner of Holmes and 59th, started as a little factory for samosas, the lightly fried, savory pastries popular across the Indian subcontinent.

After hearing from eager customers, the mother-son duo behind Chai Shai eventually gave in and pivoted into a full-scale restaurant operation. We’ve raved about delightfully homespun dishes like pakora curry and lamb cora that dance with layers of earthy spice. Chai Shai’s shaded patio was an especially pleasant place to enjoy the food.

The restaurant has closed, effective immediately, so there will be no chance for a last meal there.

The owners say they want to move on to other things. “A couple of years ago we started talking about new adventures we might want to pursue and what that might look like for our lives. In order to create the space and time needed for those adventures, we’ve decided to close the restaurant effective immediately,” a statement posted to Facebook read.

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