Beloved pop up, Tacos Valentina, has found permanent residency

Tacos Valentina's Tacos / Photo by Zach Bauman

Tacos Valentina has been popping up at local breweries like Alma Mader and Casual Animal, gaining a loyal following with their stone ground hand-pressed nixtamal tortillas and authentic street food tacos. Now, the popular popup is officially setting up shop inside a different brewery, Torn Label Brewing Company (1708 Campbell St. KCMO).

Officially open on March 22, Tacos Valentina will be operating out of Torn Label’s Public House side of their building serving lunch and dinner from Wednesday to Sunday. The menu will combine departing head chef Vince Brink’s legacy dishes (like the Best of KC-nominated Belgian frites) and Tacos Valentina’s menu. As the menu is being finalized, customers can look forward to Mexican-style smashed patty hamburguesa and a range of creative vegan offerings. 

“We tend to view our food menu much like our beer program. We want to give people a mix of staples they know and love, as well as rotational items that keep both us and our customers excited,” says Torn Label’s CEO Rafi Chaudry. 

As far as future taco and beer pairings, the brewery’s already brewing up a few ideas, but it may be several months until we see them due to Torn Label’s brewing schedule. In the meantime, patrons can enjoy “a cascabel seasoned potato taco with our citrusy flagship beer, Alpha Pale Ale,” says Chaudry. 

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