BREAKING: Betty Rae’s Ice Cream has reopened

Betty Rae’s is back.

The beloved ice cream parlor, the consensus pick for the best in town, softly reopened its doors late last week under new ownership.

Betty Rae’s closed its locations in Waldo and the River Market district after a series of controversies triggered by misconduct allegations by employees and the owner’s then-estranged wife. The allegations ranged from the bizarre to the disturbing. Betty Rae’s former owner ultimately confirmed many of the anonymous allegations in a sprawling 7,800-word confessional interview with The Pitch, which followed news of a sale to new owners.

In February, the shop was sold to a former employee to be reopened come spring. And so we waited, eagerly.

Now, Kansas City magazine can confirm that not only is the shop reopened, but that the ice cream is just as good as before. (The key, as always, is to order from the meltiest buckets at Betty Rae’s, as the flavors are far more pronounced than the hard-block frozen buckets.)

Betty Rae’s usually wins the vote for Best Ice Cream in KC in our annual reader’s poll, which opened nominations on Friday.

Nominate Betty Rae’s and your other favorites now if you’re so inclined—local restaurants and bars especially can use a little extra love as we emerge into the After Times.

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