Chingu Coffee and Bay Boy sandwiches are doing a pop-up together

Courtesy photo by Alyssa Broadus

For the next four months, Chingu Coffee Co and Bay Boy sandwiches are doing a pop-up inside a historic former school on 39th Street. The pop-up at Plexpod Westport Commons is a temporary home for the new collaboration as they build out a future shared space in the West Plaza.

Chingu’s coffee menu features both pour-overs and espresso drinks with house-made syrups. They will also do some pastries. Bay Boy is offering a shortened version of their menu. 

“Like many coffee shops in KC, we are roasting everything ourselves. We carefully curate our coffee menu with beans from all over the world with our friends at Anthem Coffee Imports,” says Keeyoung Kim of Chingu. “We have housemade syrups that you typically see around town but we also plan to infuse some fun Korean flavors into our syrups. We are baking all of our pastries in-house, including classic pastries like homemade blueberry muffins, but we also plan to do some fun takes on classics like scones with kimchi, bacon, gruyere and scallions.”

The project started with Sheryl Vickers, a relator who pitched the West Plaza location to Kim as an option for Chingu. Chingu ended up in Westport but Kim loved the idea of using it as a neighborhood coffee shop. Bay Boy likewise had plans to add more seating, so it was a natural partnership.

Pop-Up Location Address:

Plexpod Westport Commons

300 E 39th St., KCMO.

Open Tuesday-Friday

Chingu Coffee Co hours: 8 am-noon

Bay Boy hours: 11 am-3 pm

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