Coming to the East Crossroads: KC’s first hand rolled sushi bar

Kata Nori's Hand Rolled Sushi / Photo Courtesy of Kata Nori

KC is no stranger to the sushi variety maki rolls, rolls cut into singular bite-size pieces, but temaki, rolls shaped by hand in the form of a cone or log and meant to be bitten into, have yet to make an appearance. Until now, that is. Kata Nori Hand Roll Bar (404 E. 18th st. KCMO) will be the first of its kind in KC and will specialize in sushi hand rolls. Located in the East Crossroads, Kata Nori will have a soft opening on September 18 and grand opening on September 28. 

A twenty-four seat U-shaped bar will allow customers to watch as a sushi chef prepares each roll individually to ensure “maximum freshness.” Service will resemble a “chef-led omakase experience but more affordable” as the chef will serve the rolls to each patron like a coursed meal. Expect the hand rolls to be shaped into a log form as opposed to a cone shape. The log shape is eaten whole and not cut.

The menu will also offer small plates like crudos and the environment will emulate a “sleek and modern aesthetic.”

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The owners are three friends, one of whom is the sushi bar’s chef, who all grew up in KC. Chef Anh Pham, has more than twenty years of sushi industry experience and was the lead chef at Uchi, a renowned sushi restaurant in Texas. Owners Nam Phan and Kyung Kim “believe that their commitment to quality, service, and their dedication to the city will set their establishment apart and make it a destination for food enthusiasts and sushi lovers from across the state.”

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