Insanely massive tacos are now available in the Northland—here’s the deal

The giant taco from Captains Corner is available every other Tuesday/Photo from Captains Corner

Kansas City magazine takes tacos very seriously. Our March issue feature story proves it. To prepare for the feature, which covered the 35 essential tacos in Kansas City, our team collaboratively ate hundreds of tacos, ranging from juicy birria to breakfast tacos to a Northland’s famous cheese-dusted fried taco.

So when these giant tacos out in Smithville came across our feeds, it got our attention.

Every other Tuesday, Captain’s Corner, which sits on Smithville Lake in the Northland, makes giant tacos that take two hands to hold and (probably) an unhinged jaw to bite. The twelve-inch tortillas are house-fried and loaded with tater tots on the bottom, seasoned ground beef, then a drizzle of chipotle sauce, sprinkled shredded cheese, pico de gallo and shredded lettuce.

“We always sell out super fast,” Helaina, an associate at Captain’s Corner, told me on the phone. “We do it every other week. Next week is nachos, then we’ll do the tacos again.”

Captain’s Corner, according to their Facebook page, is a “Grill, Ice Cream, Gas & General Store” and opens for breakfast at the crack of dawn. If you’re there for the taco, get there early in the lunch hour because supply is limited.

18419 Collins Road, Smithville. 816-532-0442

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