Korean Food Vendor Opens Next Week In The Lenexa Public Market

Japchae Noodles From Kimchi And Bap / Photo Taken By Zach Bauman

Lisa Hamblen began showcasing her traditional Korean cuisine in a series of pop-ups at the Lenexa Public Market last year. Next week, her Korean food concept Kimchi and Bap will open as an official food vendor in the Lenexa Public Market (8750 Penrose Lane Lenexa, KS) on August 3.  

Serving traditional and authentic Korean cuisine, the menu is full of classic Korean comfort dishes like bibimbap (featuring nine different vegetables), japchae, rice bowls and, of course, kimchi. Hamblen wants customers to feel like they can “slowly dive” into Korean food if they’ve never had it before. 

The grand opening will take place on August 11 at 11 a.m. Lenexa Mayor Michael Boehm will join Hamblen for the ribbon cutting. 

Kimchi and Bap’s banchan, literally translated to “small dishes,” were highlighted in this month’s Korean food feature. The Korean condiments – bean sprouts, stir-fried zucchini, fish cakes and pan-fried egg omelets to name a few- are a staple of Korean cuisine and served with almost every meal. They’re full of incredible flavor and add variety. Hamblen takes pride in her banchan and serves them in almost every Kimchi and Bap dish.

“Those little dishes, although small, make the meal, and that’s what Korean food is all about,” Hamblen says. “It’s all about the color, the different tastes on the table and the variety.”

Driven by nostalgia, Hamblen is a self-taught chef inspired by her mother’s Korean cooking. 

Kimchi and Bap Hours:

Monday: 11am-7pm

Tuesday and Wednesday: Closed

Thursday – Saturday: 11am-7pm

Sunday: 11am-3pm

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