New West Bottoms coffeeshop will partner with Blackhole Bakery

Novella is a new coffee shop in the West Bottoms/Courtesy photo

The owner of the local coffee popup Slow Bar has partnered with Blackhole Bakery to open a new coffee shop, Novella. Novella is owned by Joshua Bella and will be in the West Bottoms, inside Charmed House Interiors (previously known as The Painted Sofa) at 1331 Union Ave., KCMO. It opens to the public on Wednesday, December 14. 

Whereas Slow Bar is a minimalist West Coast concept inspired by Bella’s California roots, Novella encompasses a traditional café atmosphere with maximalist decor, reflecting the industrial neighborhood it resides in.

“It’s going to have more of a Great Gatsby design scheme and color palette. So really moody and dark with brass and wood tones. Just a really cool ode to the history of the West Bottoms,” says Bella. 

A partnership with Blackhole Bakery on Troost has been consistent in Bella’s coffee concepts. Novella will open with pastries from the beloved bakery but has plans to create more substantial grab-and-go options, eventually serving a full breakfast and lunch menu curated by Jason Provo, owner of Blackhole. 

The house espresso blend is a single-origin Columbian from the Narino region roasted in collaboration with Marcell Coffee. 

Sourcing coffee is not something Bella takes lightly: “We really do our research and try to source the single origin coffees from places that are ethically grown, where the farmers and workers are treated well, and everybody gets compensated along the process.” 

The innovative and seasonal beverages available at Novella include gingersnap lattes topped with toasted marshmallow, bourbon vanilla lattes and peppermint mochas.

A second location of Novella location in the Northland at 8581 North Green Hills Rd., KCMO is expected to open mid-January.

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