Ombra now offering nose-to-tail butchery in North KC

Menu items at Ombra/Courtesy photo

Husband and wife duo Sarah Nelson and Louis Guerrieri spent years cutting their teeth in the Denver food scene before moving to Kansas City. Both have years of expertise behind them; Louis’ background is in sushi and butchery while Sarah specializes in pastry. When they moved back to Kansas City, both worked at the Golden Ox and Louis helped open Fox and Pearl. The couple is pleased to announce their new restaurant, Ombra, which opened on December 18. It focuses on globally influenced small plates and tapas in The Village at Briarcliff (4161 N. Mulberry Dr., KCMO).

The name is a nod to the Italian phrase “dame un’ombra,” a common saying that means “let’s have some wine.” The wine and cocktail menus are diverse and will change as frequently as the food menu. Dishes are meant to be shared and explored amongst fellow company. Customers can expect flavors from around the world, from Tawainese dishes to Northern European staples. 

The special nose-to-tail butcher program will showcase the traditional charcuterie board in a different way than Kansas City is used to.

“Instead of doing a charcuterie board where it’s the very predictable prosciutto and salami, we’re making lamb bacon, sausages, terrines, and pâtes. We’re trying to expand people’s idea of what a charcuterie board can be,” says Sarah.

A focus on old-school cooking techniques reduces waste and allows Sarah and Louis to utilize as much of the food that they have on hand, forcing them to be creative with constantly changing specials. It keeps the menu fresh and exciting. 

From rutabaga gouda pot pie to lion’s mane caramelle pasta and sweet potato pie with chocolate dipped poached pears, Ombra’s seasonal menu aims to bring a sense of adventure to North KC. 

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