Hominy, oxtail and Lifted Spirits’ new spring gin are part of a three-course dinner at the Savoy

Spring brings treats like green strawberries and flavorful fresh cheeses—ingredients you’ll find in just the first course of three courses at Savor The Season, a new dinner series from Kansas City magazine. (Tickets for the three-course meal with drink pairings are $89 and available here.) 

Savor The Season, which will be held on Thursday, May 12, pairs spirits from a local distillery with three seasonal dishes from a top local restaurant. The first meal brings Lifted Spirits together with chef Brandon Brumback of 21c, which hosts the event.

“Special sourcing is involved, but I do not want to lose my source or allocation so I will not divulge any further,” Brumback tells us. “Typically I serve Buratta in the Spring due to the diet of the animals during that season.”

That dish, which will also incorporate up-ripened green strawberries, will be paired with a cocktail made with Lifted Spirit’s gin, a Clover Club style cocktail with egg whites and berry.

The main course is braised pork belly and oxtail that’s crisped in cast iron and served with hominy that’s prepared “almost like creamed corn.” That course will be served with a cocktail made with Lifted Spirits Wheat Whiskey that’s garnished with chile crisp oil.

The Savor The Season dinner is Thursday, May 12 at the Savoy from 6-9 pm. Your ticket will include the full three-course meal with four full-sized drink pairings. If you want to extend the party, the Savoy is nestled in the 21c Museum Hotel in downtown Kansas City which is offering ticket-buyers a promotional rate of $149 for the night.

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