Taco Bell appears to be bringing its cult-favorite Cantina concept to KC

A Taco Bell Cantina/Courtesy photo

Documents suggest Taco Bell appears to be poised to bring its cult-favorite Cantina concept to Westport.

The news was first reported by the Kansas City Star (paywall), which seemed surprised to find a liquor license application for a Taco Bell.

Taco Bell Cantina—if you haven’t had the pleasure in Vegas, New York or Chicago which several of our staff have and that may tell you something about us—is the brand’s vaguely clubby spin-off brand, fueled by a wall of boozy slushy dispensers and shareable appetizer platters.

Among Taco Bell fans (the company describes them as eternal 25-year-olds), the Cantina is known as the most desirable and refined form of Taco Bell. And, yes, there is a running list of Cantina locations on Thrillist, and they’re not easy to come by. Austin only has one, and San Francisco only has two.

Now, there’s one planned for 4111 Broadway in Westport, which is the new Westley apartment building across from Broadway Coffee and the shuttered Hop Cat.

The Star‘s Joyce Smith attempted to confirm the planned opening but everyone involved was silent on the subject.

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