Tacos Valentina: A KC Taco Pop-Up shop has found a permanent home behind a bar.

Tacos Valentinas Pop-Up At Casual Animal Brewery / Photo Taken By Zach Bauman

After nearly two years of popping up around the metro, the taqueria Tacos Valentina has found a permanent kitchen to sling its authentic tacos in. The taco-makers will be taking over the Torn Label Brewing Co. kitchen (1708 Campbell St. KCMO) and transforming its traditional bar menu into innovative masa-based eats.

“Our goal is to be a premier spot for Mexican food in KC,” says co-owner Roger Avila. “There’s a whole world of regional varieties that have yet to be introduced to KC so expect a super unique experience.”

The former pop-up doesn’t just make tacos, however. At the heart of it, Tacos Valentina is a “molino concept, meaning we mill our own masa using imported Mexican heirloom corn,” Avila says. We wrote about Taco Valentina as one of the leaders of KC’s third masa wave last year. 

Along with playful and unique street tacos, customers can expect hand-pressed quesadillas, burritos, tetalas (delicious triangular pockets of masa filled with various food, especially beans), botanas (small snacks), desserts and more. There will also be vegan and vegetarian options. 

A collaboration beer between Torn Label and Tacos Valentina will always be on tap – Oro Especial, a Mexican lager. 

Tacos Valentina has had several of its taco recipes available on Torn Label’s food menu since collaborating with the brewery’s owner in March, adding a bit of Mexican street food to the brewery’s traditional bar eats. Taking over the brewery’s kitchen means “everything being pumped out [at Torn Label] will be our recipes as well as recipes produced by our staff,” Avila says. 

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