The espresso martini is back big—and now there’s a KC event

We’ve been following the return of the espresso martini for a minute—or at least since September of last year when we spotted its resurgence thanks to TikTok. And while we originally attributed the heyday of the coffee cocktail to the mid to late 90s, we have recently revisited the trend to find that espresso martinis were very much a thing in the early 2000s as well. 

The recent return of the espresso martini from the 90s and/or early 2000s (depending on who you ask) seems to mirror the fact that, after more than twenty years, trends from the Y2K era are back—baguette bags, colorful sunnies, body chains and, of course, martinis. 

After sampling a variety of espresso martinis around the city from places like Parlor, Canary (via their holiday pop-up menu) and Golden Ox, we think it’s time to celebrate the famous drink with a martini mini-festival.

Kansas City magazine is teaming up with 9th & State in the West Bottoms to host Up All Night: A Celebration of the Espresso Martini at 9th & State on Thursday, April 7. Six of Kansas City’s coolest bartenders will be there to make their own take on the espresso martini. Your ticket will get you six mini-cocktails so you can try them all. 

We’re very excited about our sponsors, Holladay Distillery, which is providing spirits and Messenger Coffee, which will bring an espresso cart to pull shots for guests.

Participating bartenders:

Josh Melgoza from 9th & State

Hannah Jones from Corvino

Kaitlyn Wedd from The Golden Ox

Danny Faught at West Bottoms Whiskey

Taylor Reazin from Il Lazzarone

Levi Roye from The Mercury Room

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