The impossibly cute Hello Kitty truck is returning to town

The Hello Kitty Cafe Truck is coming back to KC.

The iconic Japanese pop culture staple has a pink-on-pink cafe truck (more of a merch stand than an actual cafe if we’re being honest) that sells special items at each stop.

The cart’s return is this Saturday, May 8, between 10 am and 7 pm at Leawood’s Town Center Plaza. The truck will be parked in the lane between Bravo and J. Crew, and the line can go more than a city block as Hello Kitty fans and Japanese culture enthusiasts gather to buy exclusive treats and collectibles celebrating all things Hello Kitty, including a special Hello Kitty Cafe t-shirt, stainless steel vacuum thermoses, plushes, totes and more. There are also cookies and bottled water.

There are two such trucks, with the first debuting in October 2014. They’ve been to both coasts and more than a hundred cities.

Because of Covid, the truck is cash-free and the line will be socially distant.



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