Whataburger is coming to Kansas City — and Patrick Mahomes is to thank

Fort Worth, Tx, USA - April 6, 2016: American fast food chain restaurant Whataburger in Fort Worth, Texas, United States

Kansas City Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes might be bringing more than just a Super Bowl trophy to Kansas City this year.

After asking the Whataburger franchise to bring a storefront to Kansas City back in 2018, it looks like this could be the year it finally happens.

Mahomes grew up in Texas, where Whataburger’s headquarters and a majority of their locations reside. He said in a 2018 interview that his favorite ketchup was from Whataburger, prompting the brand to reach out to him on Twitter. They offered to send him some of the condiment for free, but Mahomes responded with “I just want a store in Kansas City!”

Nearly two years later, it seems like that desire will be fulfilled.

James Torcotte, the senior Vice President of real estate for Whataburger, says that the business is currently examining the Kansas City market for expansion. Until this, Whataburger has remained mostly silent on Mahomes and Kansas City’s requests for a storefront. They recently stated, “At this time we have no specific plans to announce a restaurant but we will be happy to share when – and if – the time is right.” Only a few days later, it appears that the time has come.

Currently, the store is being proposed to be open in Lee’s Summit. This is great news for Mahomes and many Kansas City residents who have been clamoring for a Whataburger location for many years now. As of now, the nearest Whataburger is over three hours away in Arkansas.

There is currently no information on the timeframe of when the store could open.

Even though it’s been two years since Mahomes’ request of Whataburger, it looks like he might have just pulled off one of his biggest plays yet.

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