Swoon’s quarantine-themed craft cookies are making us smile through the pandemic

So many of us have a memory tied to sugar cookies. Knee-high to a grasshopper, orbiting our grandmother’s hips as she guided our fingers around the cookie cutters. Sticky-fingered scamps playing DaVinci with tubes of icing on miniature angels. Weary parents sweeping broken sprinkles into a dustpan.

Swoon Cookie Crafters owner Sofia Hudson inherited a recipe from her mother-in-law, whose buttery creations were a staple at family holiday gatherings. Hudson started putting out those sugar cookies on First Fridays at her Crossroads furniture showroom. Before long, Swoon was delivering orders to company parties and birthday gatherings.

Swoon’s simple recipe of high-quality flour, butter, sugar, eggs and vanilla makes for snappy little bites of delight. Swoon is especially noteworthy for artistry, from delicately piped flowers to glittering engagement rings to watercolor portraits of beloved pets.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced the company to adapt with topical additions like a “Homebound Care Kit” featuring cookies wearing masks and shaped like toilet paper rolls ($48, order at justswoon.com).

“We’re an event-based business, and when events got canceled, so did our orders,” Hudson says. “There will be adjustments for quite some time to how life is lived and how we celebrate with people. People are taking comfort in small luxuries, and we’re happy to help.”

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