A perfect day of KC eats according to Made Mobb’s Vu Radley

Photos by Chris Mullins

Made Mobb turns seven years old this year. Creative director Vu Radley co-founded the Midwest streetwear fashion line with Mark Launiu and Jonathan Platz. “Our focus has always been to bring Midwest streetwear to the city,” Radley says. “We love apparel design and exploring new graphics and garment styles. We put our KC spin on ideas and present them to our city. There is no Made Mobb without Kansas City.”

The fashion company relocated to the Crossroads in 2019 and acquired printing equipment. It now handles all operations in-house, from design and sampling to production and manufacturing, Radley says. Look for more garments printed in-house this year with frequent, exclusive releases.

When not designing new styles, Radley has distinct ideas on where to dine.

Breakfast: I don’t eat breakfast often, but when I do I like Succotash. On a regular day, a cold brew works for me. IHOP is also the #GOAT. I don’t care what anyone says.

Lunch: Vietnam Cafe is a classic. I usually get com thit nuong, a simple rice and grilled pork dish with fresh and pickled vegetables and fish sauce. It reminds me of my mom’s home cooking. Linh’s Vietnamese Cuisine is a new spot and they kill it. They bake their own baguettes. Their banh mi is one of my favorites in the city.

Vietnam Cafe
Vietnam Cafe’s com thit nuong

Dinner: My all-time favorite spot is La Bodega. I love tapas and being able to order a bunch of small plates to share. Jarocho is easily up there when my girlfriend and I want seafood. When we’re lazy and just want to eat in our underwear in bed, Poi-Õ has been our hidden gem. The adobo ribs are insane. Last shoutout goes to Mama Radley. Mom is my favorite chef.

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