This Turkey Day, swap the pie for Upper Crust’s tasty pecan bars

Pies have a seat of honor at every Thanksgiving spread, and the pecan pie in particular is a staple in Southern and lower-Midwestern homes. The earliest recipe dates back to 1824, when it was more of a milk custard-pecan combination instead of the deliciously syrupy mess we know today. In the 1930s, as Karo corn syrup became a kitchen staple, the recipe was modernized. The Upper Crust (7943 Santa Fe Drive, Overland Park, has made its own spin on the classic.

In Upper Crust’s pecan bars ($32 for a half dozen), there’s no egg custard, nor is there a noticeable trace of corn syrup. With a buttery brown sugar shortbread crust, a thick layer of gooey salted caramel and a handsome spread of halved pecans flecked with sea salt, this pie alternative is the ultimate crowd-pleaser.

Bonus: No fork needed—you can waddle from the dinner table to the couch unimpeded.

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