No Vacancy is the Crossroads’ coolest staycation spot

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Photo by Brooke Vandever

No Vacancy isn’t a typical Airbnb. Rather, think of this former Crossroads office space like a miniature boutique hotel, with eight unique rooms and a courtyard for hosting events. Spencer Sight, the main designer and founder of No Vacancy (, wanted to create a charming oasis where guests could find a higher level of elegance.

“People feel like when they stay here, it takes them elsewhere,” he says. “So I’ve had a lot of people come on staycations and feel like they have escaped the Midwest for a little while.” With its chic, ultra-detailed design and trendy decor, the place truly has its own personality. Some features include a restored original clawfoot bathtub, a chain of seashells hanging from the ceiling and a repurposed steel door. There’s even a seventeen-foot long L-shaped banquet that was sourced from an out-of-business casino.

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Photo by Brooke Vandever

“When move-in day came, it became clear fairly quickly that the piece wouldn’t fit up the stairwell,” Sight says. “I proceeded to have it cut into three different pieces, taken up to its final destination, repaired and reupholstered in place. I opted for copper-toned velvet with fringe accents.”

Because of No Vacancy’s smaller size and the hotel buyout option, it has proven popular during the pandemic, even as most hotels have been hammered by revenue woes.

Novacancy Brookevandever Web
Photo by Brooke Vandever

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