Former Fox 4 TV host Mark Alford is running for Congress

Mark Alford and his wife tease his campaign for Congress on Twitter/Screenshot

Mark Alford, the former co-host of Fox 4’s morning show, will run for Congress.

Alford, who has voiced complaints about being “a conservative Christian who supports small business” in Kansas City media will run for U.S. Congress in Missouri’s sprawling fourth Congressional district, which currently runs from Raymore in the west all the way to Columbia and includes northern parts of the Ozarks.

Alford will run as a Republican and announced his run on the local talk radio station that airs Dan Bongino, Ben Shapiro and Mark Levin.

Alford already has his campaign website live, complete with a profile photo that seems to be consciously channeling Harry Truman. He has been using the hashtag #AlfordsArmy on Twitter but so far only a few others have joined in.

“My voice has informed, influenced, and inspired millions of people during my tenure as a television news anchor,” Alford says on his site. “My voice has been on live TV for more than 23,000 hours. My voice has helped raise millions of dollars for charities both locally and nationally.” 

The district is extremely conservative. That seat is currently occupied by Vicky Hartzler, herself a staunch Conservative who has supported Birtherism and conversion therapy for LGBTQ people. Hartzler will run for Senate in a crowded 2022 race that already includes the male half of the St. Louis gun couple and former governor Eric Greitens.

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