4 advancements in healthcare worth talking about

medical advancements
Illustration by Vicente MartÍ

What if comprehensive rehab was available in one place?

In September, Saint Luke’s opened a large new rehabilitation institute with more offerings than any other facility in the region — to get the same level of care, you’d have to go to Denver or Chicago. The new center on Saint Luke’s South’s campus has high-tech rehab machines like a robotic exoskeleton and a giant gaming screen that help patients with motor skills and strength.

What if protons could zap cancer cells?

The University of Kansas Health System recently signed a $40 million-dollar deal to bring in a futuristic treatment that allows doctors to target radiation directly at cancer cells, minimizing the amount of radiation that hits surrounding organs and tissues. Proton beams are high-tech, room-sized devices that carefully target radiation, and The KU Health System is the first hospital in the region to get one.

What if doctors and nurses had specialized footwear like athletes?

Ask any health care provider who works in a clinic setting and they’ll tell you that being on their feet all day rushing from patient to patient is both physically and mentally demanding. Nurses, for example, walk about five miles in a shift. Nike decided to build a shoe for them, the Nike Zoom Air Pulse, which is an updated version of the classic slide-on clog featuring a spill-proof coated toe box and a generous air cushion.

What if you could save money Ubering to the hospital?

With the help of Cerner, Uber is about to disrupt the medical transit model. Kansas City’s world-leading electronic health care records company teamed with the rideshare app to develop integration that allows doctors to schedule rides for patients, simplifying the system for everyone involved and saving the patients big money.

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