Furniture designer Matt Castilleja combines a variety of styles and materials to make unique pieces seen on both coasts

Photography by Samantha Levi

Matt Castilleja is fascinated by the physical qualities of materials and is constantly pushing the limits of what they can do within and beyond the walls of his River Market studio.

The furniture maker’s background in architecture and studio art sparked a drive to combine different styles of furniture design to create his collection of modern and minimalist tables, chairs, credenzas and more. “I pull a lot of concepts from ancient buildings and primitive methods of construction and work those ideas with a more contemporary design lens,” Castilleja says. “I don’t believe in anything new—everything you see is just an interpretation of something else.”

In his work, Castilleja uses solid marble components, exotic woods and metals like brass and bronze to create boutique pieces, which can be seen around Kansas City, at high-end showroom Una Malan in Los Angeles and in projects in Manhattan and the Hamptons for several NYC interior designers.

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