Here’s the story behind this beloved KC treehouse

Photo by Paige Eichkorn

If you drive down 16th and Madison and look to your right, you’ll see an old treehouse positioned high up in a hollow tree, nearly hovering over the sidewalk.

That large, stately, urban treehouse catches eyes and slows the roll of passing cars—more than homeowners Colin and Amanda Groves expected when they moved in. The treehouse was built by the previous homeowner, Ryan Gale, for his three children. Gale and his family moved next door, and the Groves built a better fence to keep out trespassers—the treehouse is old and not in great shape inside, so don’t you dare trespass.

The Groves are hoping to renovate the treehouse for future children. In the meantime, they have indulged a few inquisitive people, like one neighborhood man who spotted it while out on a drive and asked for permission to impress a woman he’d been seeing. The man set up lights inside and took her there to ask her to be his girlfriend. She said yes.

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