Home goods meets intentional art and design at Duet in the Crossroads

Duet, a new home goods meets art and design store in the Crossroads, wants to help you blossom into the sort of person who is intentional about everyday objects. Founded by ceramic artist Emily Reinhardt (aka The Object Enthusiast) and Sasha Santillan, this modernist boutique stocks centerpiece-worthy items made for everyday use. Use your sexy new rubber- and plastic-free Yield Design glass French press to make a great-tasting brew and pour it into a bespoke hand-painted mug. Put that monstera plant you’ve managed to keep alive all winter in a handwoven basket from Columbian artisans.

“When we were talking about what belonged in Duet, we just kept returning to objects that feel good in your hands,” Reinhardt says. “When you’re having your morning coffee, you’re holding that cup, it’s tactile. The right object can help make those small moments special.”

GO: Duet is open 11 am-6 pm Friday-Saturday and 11 am-4 pm Sunday. 517 E. 18th St., KCMO. shop-duet.com.

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