Inside the exploding business of hyper-organizing and tips for tidying your space

Orderly KC is a professional Kansas City organizing business/Photo courtesy of Orderly KC

From closets and pantries to that one crammed-full drawer in your kitchen, everyone has a space that needs organization. But where do you start, and how do you maintain it?

Sam Peck started Orderly KC with her mother, Suzy, to revive spaces and create custom organization systems. Peck had the idea of starting the company a year and a half ago, after her mother retired from teaching, and she’s loved it ever since. The duo offers in-home organization as well as moving and DIY services to help others enjoy their lives in organized, functional spaces. From color-coding closets to alphabetizing spice jars, the two strive to build creative, practical spaces customized to customers’ needs.

With the help of popular Netflix shows like Tidying Up with Marie Kondo and The Home Edit, the organizing industry accelerated dramatically during the pandemic, where Peck says people started to realize how disorganized their homes had become.

“One of the great things about organizing is that everyone can do it and every budget can do it, too,” Peck says. Peck says there really isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” way of organizing spaces. Orderly KC’s process begins with a phone consultation followed by photos from the client. The two then create custom plans and layouts of the space, then set to decluttering and organizing. They book a few follow-ups when finished. The whole process is up to what the client wants and needs to have a functional space.

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Before Orderly KC tackled this home’s pantry/Photo courtesy of Orderly KC

Tidy time: 5 steps to take your organizing game to the next level

Just get rid of it. Will you really wear that sweater later? Getting rid of items helps declutter and improves functionality of a space. As a company, Orderly KC tries to avoid throwing things away and instead donates the items so they can be used again.

Move it out. When faced with a room full of items, you can’t really see everything you need to get rid of or keep. Peck says a great starting point is moving everything out of the space to see what you have. Once everything is out, cleaning the space and setting a good foundation helps start the process constructively.

Invest in containers. Baskets and containers go a long way in organizing a room. Investing in long-lasting, quality storage products will help keep the space functional and maintainable.

Don’t over-categorize. While it may seem like a smart idea to have super-specific categories, Peck says that approach can be a downfall. If you get too specific, miscellaneous items that don’t fit a specific category will likely be tossed into random containers or rooms. For example, instead of separate containers for chips, granola bars and trail mix, try one bigger container for snacks.

Label! Label! Label! Whether you print your own stickers, purchase them or use a label maker, labels are a key ingredient to a perfectly organized space. They make it easy to quickly find items, especially those hidden in covered containers.

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