5 Kansas City record stores for every music junkie

Photography by Natalea Bonjour

Sister Anne’s (901 E. 31st St., KCMO) was named after the local music supporter and former owner of the record store Recycled Sounds. It was at Anne Winter’s store that owners Frank Alvarez and Jim Oshel of vinyl store-coffee shop Sister Anne’s learned how to create the welcoming atmosphere at their store today. “We are both big record collectors, and this is the only thing I have ever done,” Alvarez says. “I have been working in record stores since 1985.”

“It’s fun to turn people on to interesting albums that maybe they hadn’t heard before,” Oshel says. “I am an appreciator and enthusiast of music, and that’s what I get to do here.”


Records with Merritt (1614 Westport Road, KCMO) is a cozy shop with a highly curated collection. While the coronavirus has made it so Jasper the dog has to stay home, Revolution Records (1830 Locust St., KCMO) now delivers orders over thirty dollars straight to your door if you live within ten miles of the store. With the variety of records and CDs they have, Josey Records (1814 Oak St., KCMO) is the type of store you can spend hours browsing. If you are looking for the place that has a little bit of everything, be sure to stop by their store. 7th Heaven (7621 Troost Ave., KCMO) contains plentiful used records across genres alongside any new vinyl you have been searching for.

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