A posh midtown condo turned into a nightmare for owners — here’s what readers had to say

Condo Hell

Our August issue included a story about Park Reserve, an ill-fated condo complex built inside the former Trinity Lutheran Hospital in Midtown. Buyers were promised luxe amenities including two saltwater pools, a massage room and golf putting green but instead ended up battling mold, floods, broken elevators, failed fire inspections and a host of other problems. At least five condo owners have abandoned their properties while still on the hook for mortgage and HOA dues. At least three lawsuits have been filed against the developer and convicted fraudster Wayne Reeder, whose ex-wife owns the property and works for Park Reserve as a “lowly consultant.” Here’s what readers had to say.

Here’s how readers reacted to the story:

I’m a realtor. Knew from day one Wayne Reeder was involved there and would absolutely refuse to show [these condos] to any clients who asked about them. He’s AWFUL as a developer. —Tom Suther

I feel so bad for everyone living here. [As a real estate agent], I’ve shown so many units in this building and luckily never sold one. The entire building is creepy, and those hospital vibes will never go away. —Erica Heath

OK, so this all sucks but like… maybe don’t gentrify neighborhoods you don’t understand. I lived in Midtown for years and always thought that the project was going to be a nightmare. I’m feeling a lot of schadenfreude toward the gentrifying yuppies who bought these spots. —Kate Erlinger

If Kansas City could stop being so generous with the 25-year property tax abatements for new property development, that’d be great. They seem to love giving it to developers so they can develop in areas that are already improving without these tax incentives. It’s a real slap in the face to those of us who chose to buy and fill properties without expecting property tax breaks. Now everyone else is paying higher property taxes to make up for those who won’t be paying them for decades. And those developers are the reason the area is now “improved” (gentrified) enough to justify raising everyone else’s rates. —Mike Allen

Yeah, this place is legit scary as f— to even look at/be around at night! I had no clue people were even still living there. —Robert A. Jones Jr.

Why someone would want to live in a rehab of a hospital patients room? It’s probably spooked. Imagine the countless people who’ve suffered and died there. —Tony Goodhap

Always wondered who was buying into that trash hole. —Jenifer Houck

What stood out to me in the article was the KCFD chief who said both sides were to blame. I’m missing what the residents are doing to make the situation worse. —David Hayden

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