What readers had to say about our coronavirus coverage

Our May issue asked the question, “What’s next?” and featured interviews with a renowned historian of pandemics, several scientists, Mayor Quinton Lucas and a sports crisis expert who offered some predictions of the future of pro sports. Meanwhile, our website has continued to draw massive traffic with timely coverage of the crisis. Here’s what readers had to say in response to our May issue and our online news posts.


“Your May 2020 issue of Kansas City arrived April 30. Congratulations. The new format is a superior publication!”—Dale Keith

Kansas City magazine is spreading panic and propaganda—stop this nonsense!”— Francine Gravino McCulloch

“I enjoyed the article featuring [SUNY Stony Brook history professor and flu pandemic expert] Nancy Tomes’ perspective on the COVID-19 pandemic. I was disappointed, however, that the reporter prefaced a question with ‘You’re not a scientist…’ Dr. Tomes has a Ph.D. in history, and the Center for Disease Control trusts her analysis. As a historian, she conducts objective research to organize information, utilizes theory to derive conclusions and publishes explanations of the past to improve our present and future. This process is the definition of science! Although Dr. Tomes is not a medical doctor or chemist, she is a social scientist—to infer otherwise unnecessarily diminishes her authority on this matter.” — Todd Moenster

“Very good article [on Dr. Tomes]. I was comparing it to the 1918 pandemic as well. One of the things that surprises me is after 100 years, we are less prepared than we were back then. That is unacceptable in this day and age. I agree that a new normal will be that people will have N95 masks in their household for future use when they can get their hands on them and will probably be sure we have toilet paper, hand sanitizer, Clorox and flour on hand at all times.” — Susie Jones

“I just know that my God is bigger than this virus. I respect those who choose not to open their business and want to wear a mask and weaken their immune system by breathing in carbon dioxide. I for one am not choosing that. I do take necessary precautions to keep others safe but my business is open and I cannot breathe with a mask on.” — Victoria MacDonald Thompson

“Victoria, you are a lost soul. I know three people who have died from this. I have had it and it took me almost two months to recover. I have a friend whose stomach was ulcerated and they don’t know if it will heal. You are playing with fire and you need to respect those who have died and respect others by protecting them from the spit that shoots out of your mouth. Put on a mask. You are a walking weapon if you don’t wear a mask if you have the virus. I live on the Pennsylvania/New Jersey border and it takes a few weeks once the cases start adding up, and then the real pain and grief come. You want to talk about being afraid to go to work? Kansas City needs to take care and lockdown because once it blows, it’s too late. If you can’t breathe with a mask on, you need to stay home. You are not taking precautions for anyone else. That’s a lie you’re telling yourself.” — Deborah Lovelace

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