A local snack chip company is taking over Joe’s Pizza in Westport—here’s their plan

Joe's Pizza courtesy of Kelly's Westport Inn

Local snack chip company Guy’s Snacks will take over the just-closed Joe’s Pizza Buy The Slice in Westport, they announced via social media today.

Joe’s Pizza, which had windows in the back of Kelly’s Westport Inn and on Pennsylvania Avenue, closed abruptly last week as the longtime owner announced his retirement.

Now, Guy’s will be taking over—and bringing back pizza, along with deli sandwiches. The new name is “GUY’S Deli at Kelly’s.”

“We will continue serving pizza made from Joe’s original recipes by the same staff you’ve known and loved for years,” the company said in a statement.

Guy’s was not immediately available for further comment but this is no-doubt welcome news to Westport bar-goers who always counted on Joe’s to sop up the booze at the end of the night, saving perhaps hundreds of thousands of nasty hangover.

Guy’s is based in Overland Park and distributes across the Midwest. Among their unique offerings are bagged chips seasoned with the blend you find on the fries at Joe’s Kansas City Barbecue.

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