Best of KC: Ramen Noodle Is The Goodest Boy of KC Shop Dogs

Photo by Caleb Condit and Rebecca Norden

Most people go to the liquor store for one thing—or multiple bottles of that thing. But if your preferred vendor is Mike’s Wine & Spirits (, you’ve got an extra incentive in the friendly face of Ramen Noodle, the resident shop dog. 

The five-year-old goldendoodle was adopted as a puppy by Andy Doohan, son of the eponymous founder of Mike’s stores, Mike Doohan. Ramen accompanies Andy to work, so you’ll find him six days a week at the Westport location and sporadically in Brookside and Waldo. He cuts a big, fluffy figure, but Ramen is light on his feet: He’s avoided any destructive incidents, with the exception of a stack of tequila bottles in 2018 (don’t bring it up, he still feels pretty bad about it). He roams the shop freely and is, all in all, a Very Good Boy: He greets customers without barking or jumping, he’ll offer you his paw to shake, and he has solid recommendations on wines that pair best with kibble.

Of course, Ramen has his own Instagram account (@ramen_noodle_the_doodle). And over the years, he’s garnered his own social circle—of which he is the obvious star. 

“I have kids show up and ask if Ramen is in, which is super funny because, you know, it’s a liquor store,” Andy says. “I’ve walked into a brewery before and had people know Ramen and I’ve never seen them in my life. When people recognize him, they get very animated and excited… and I cease to exist.”

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