Enjoy this KC coffee shop “cultural collaboration” before it’s gone

The Hella Morada & Saigon De Olla / Photo Courtesy Of Café Ollama

The winter season can be tough for the restaurant industry, so two KC coffee shop s, Café Ollama and Café Cà Phê, decided to do something about it. The two cafés are blending their Latin and Asian cultures in an exclusive drink menu that is available only through the month of January. 

“It was really important to both of us that both cultures came through but showed the immense amount of similarities Latin and Asian cultures share,” says Latin coffee shop Café Ollama owner Lesley Reyes. “Everything came together so beautifully as we joined both of our house specialties.”

The menu is available at both Café Ollama (523 Southwest Blvd., KCMO) and KC’s first Vietnamese coffee shop, Café Cà Phê (916 E. 5th St., KCMO). It consists of three drinks that combine the specialties of both cafes: 

1.     Hella Morada – an ube infused horachata.

2.     Cajeta con spice – oat milk with espresso, cajeta (a Mexican caramel made with goat milk) and cardamom.

3.     Saigon de olla – Café Ollama’s signature café de olla drink (a traditional spiced Mexican coffee) blended with Café Cà Phê’s signature dark Saigon coffee with condensed milk.

“As a final touch for the collab, [Café Cà Phê owner Jackie Nguyen] thought it was imperative to give back and what we both have in common amongst so many other things is Ryogoku Soccer Academy,” says Reyes of the two KC coffee shop. 

Reyes’ husband is the technical director for the soccer program and Café Cà Phê employee Valeria Espadas serves on the board. Ten percent of sales from the menu will go to the soccer academy.

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