Truly Bubbly

Get your claws on some of these locally microbrewed hard seltzers.


Fünzzies // 3Halves Brewing Co.

110 E. Kansas St., Liberty

This Liberty brewery is conjoined with Jousting Pigs BBQ and known for flagships like Desert Gold, a light wheat beer named after the old Liberty grain company. 3Halves also does small batches year round, including this imperial hard seltzer with a dangerous eight percent ABV. Fünzzies is flavored with blood orange grapefruit and has a bright golden color.

Raspberry Rocket Pop Quirk // Boulevard Brewing

2534 Madison Ave., KCMO

Boulevard’s Quirks have become a staple of Kansas City summers—they’re made with real fruit juice, are gluten-free and are available in a can nearly everywhere. But we think they’re best on tap at Boulevard. Their new Raspberry Rocket Pop is a crowd-pleaser and totally marketed toward those seeking ultimate Americana summer vibez. It’s four percent and very, very sweet, having been inspired by a rocket pop. It’s electric pink in color and best served over ice. 

Black Raspberry Persuasions // Servaes Brewing Company 

10921 Johnson Drive, Shawnee

Servaes (pronounced service) in Shawnee doesn’t do flagships. Instead, it gets creative with innovative one-offs like its English bitter brewed with pizza crusts from Old Shawnee Pizza. But you’re here for Persuasions seltzers. This black raspberry seltzer is a pretty blush color, gluten-free and only mildly sweet.  


Lemon-Almond Nightclaw // Nighthawk

1228 Baltimore Ave., KCMO

The lounge in the basement of Hotel Kansas City has its own house hard seltzers made using vodka. The lemon-almond flavor comes in a mustard yellow twelve-ounce can and is an ode to the classic Italian ice. Nightclaws are airy and mega-fresh. 


Zambezi Zinger // Brew Lab 

7925 Marty St., Overland Park 

If you’re a KC native, then you know this seltzer got its name from a rollercoaster that used to be at Worlds of Fun—the one that was guaranteed to make you sick to your stomach. Fortunately, the Zambezi Zinger hard seltzer does not do that. It’s made with gluten-free corn sugar that’s fermented and clarified until clear. It’s infused with lime and carbonated, but you can jazz it up with different flavors added at the bar from cucumber to strawberry.