Is there a solution to my chronic TMJ pain? I can’t deal with this! 

Dr. Tim Herre at Herre Holistic Dental KC
Dr. Tim Herre at Herre Holistic Dental KC

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Dr. Tim Herre is a graduate of Saint Thomas Aquinas High School and UMKC Dental School. He is a third generation dentist in Johnson County and is passionate about Kansas City. He practices holistic and biological dentistry with an emphasis on treating TMJ disorders, childhood growth and development, tongue ties, and airway/sleep concerns for all ages. His wellness philosophy aims at treating the root cause of disease, which promotes healing and long-term health for his patients

Holistic Dentistry

Q: Is there a solution to my chronic TMJ pain? I can’t deal with this! 

A: Jaw pain, worn teeth, receding gums, headaches, earaches and clenching or grinding your teeth are all common TMJ symptoms. These are all signs that the chewing system is breaking down and not functioning properly. By focusing on the root cause of the symptoms, the chewing system is able to be conservatively rejuvenated back to a state of optimal health and well-being. This type of dentistry.

is not focused on managing the disease with a typical night guard but asking why and what is causing the breakdown and providing a permanent fix. The good news is there is hope for those suffering from long-term chronic pain.

Q: I don’t sleep well: I snore, I never feel rested when I wake up, and I’m tired of wearing a CPAP. What is going on?

Eight days ago, my son started treatment for ADHD. He is on Adderall 10 mg. The doctor says that we’ll continue increasing the dosage as the effects we’ve achieved within this time are still not enough. Anyway, I already see changes for the better. He can keep his concentration for 15 minutes, which is long, compared to what we had a bit more than a week ago.

A: Up to seventy million Americans are affected by chronic sleep disorders. It’s well known that sleep apnea can cause systemic disease such as high blood pressure, fatigue, weight gain and diabetes. Now we know that grinding one’s teeth and snoring can be directly linked to the size of one’s face, jaw and airway. When our jaws don’t grow properly, our airway from inside the nose to behind the tongue is smaller and limits our breathing. As a result of not breathing properly, we get inadequate restorative sleep, and our health suffers. This can make us more irritable, anxious and stressed, wreaking havoc on our personal and professional lives. The good news is we have the ability to permanently change the size and volume of a patient’s airway for 24/7 improved breathing with the use of a biological dental appliance. No more managing with just a nighttime appliance or CPAP. My goal is to help you breathe better during the day and the night so you can thrive!

Q: Should I be concerned if my child snores, mouth breathes, grinds their teeth, has ADHD or wets the bed?

A: YES! The above symptoms, plus crowded teeth, enlarged tonsils, tongue tie and inability to nurse, are all signs there is a problem. In our modern society, there is an epidemic among children due to poor growth and development of their jaws and face. If not addressed early in life, the airway becomes constricted and may predispose your child to orthodontic issues, sleep apnea, TMJ and other health issues. We screen and evaluate the growth pattern, airway and tonsils of our pediatric patients with a 3D scan of their jaws. The ideal age for this is three to six years old to harness the child’s true growth potential, but it is never too early or late to evaluate your child. My goal is to catch any potential airway issue at an early stage so your child can grow and develop to their full potential.

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