Local entrepreneur launches magazine to spotlight Black business owners

\Patricia Mitchell calls herself a serial entrepreneur: Her expansive portfolio of businesses includes a live theater production company, a youth activewear line, children’s books and an eyewear collection.

Since Mitchell is a business owner herself, she wanted her next venture to highlight other Black business owners and entrepreneurs. So she canvassed All Black Everything, a quarterly magazine that celebrates professionals in the Black community.

“I am an African American entrepreneur and business owner, so I know firsthand the struggles that we face as it relates to growing our businesses,” she says. “I really wanted to have a platform for African American business owners, actors, songwriters, musicians, makeup artists and more to promote their work and talents.”

How did you test the market and determine All Black Everything would be a success?

I’ve been able to meet quite a few entrepreneurs in my time as a business owner. One of the biggest ways I’m finding them is through social media. Initially, I reached out to these business owners and asked, “If I were to create this production and have a place for all Black businesses to promote their products and services, would you guys want to participate?” The response was an overwhelming, resounding “Yes.”

How do you choose who to feature in the magazine?

If someone is interested in having their business featured in the magazine, they can log on to the website, allblackeverythingmagazine.com, and provide me with their contact information and a little blurb about their business or service or what they do. When I first started, I got probably fifty emails within twenty-four hours.

From there, I set up Zoom interviews and have them send me some high-quality images of their business, service or product.

Can you give us a peek inside the first issue and share what can we expect to see in future issues?

I had the opportunity to interview law enforcement and have a conversation with them as it relates to some of the social unrest that we’re seeing in our country. I also interviewed African American nurses and a doctor on the frontlines during the Covid pandemic.

I would really like to incorporate finance into the magazine. Growing up in an African American community and family, we didn’t learn about investment, we don’t learn about interest in CDs and making our money work for us and making our money grow. I really want to change how the African American community looks at money and spending habits.

Her Kansas City Favorites

New Theatre & Restaurant

I go here pretty exclusively with my mom. It allows me time with her to bond and we enjoy a production and a great meal. It’s become something that we are accustomed to doing together.


I love the ambiance and I love, love, love the food. I’ve been doing a lot of takeout due to Covid.

Union Station

When my kids were younger, I would take them there all the time. And now, I like to take my grandkids there. They absolutely love the exhibits.

Order a print or digital copy of All Black Everything on Mitchell’s website, allblackeverythingmagazine.com.

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