Local furniture collector makes mid-century furniture look brand new

Mid-century modern style’s resurgence brings clean lines, soft curves, teak wood and geometric shapes to contemporary design. David Szczucinski, a software trainer by day, spends his evenings and weekends hunting, sanding, staining and selling furniture from the ’50s and ’60s. And there’s nothing mid-century about this side hustle: He sells his furniture finds on his sleek Instagram feed (@mc_millennial). Here’s what Szczucinski has to say about his love affair with retro furnishings.

What got you interested in mid-century modern furniture?

My mom has always loved mid-century modern furniture. It started out with her and me looking for furniture for ourselves. After picking a piece, I realized, “I can breathe new life into this.”

When you’re searching for a new piece, what attracts you?

Legs. I’ve realized, after scrolling through so many pictures of furniture, legs bring the whole design together and make a piece stand out. Also, clean wood grain. Wood grain is like a snowflake. It’s completely unique, and no two pieces of wood furniture will ever look the same.

You bring a piece home. Then what happens?

Every piece is different and unique. Sometimes they need nothing. Sometimes they need everything. Typically, I’ll judge the patina on pieces and ask myself, “Is that something I can live with?” I also clean it up and make sure that it doesn’t smell or have any structural problems.

What’s your favorite piece you’ve ever found?

My bar. When I found it, it was a little sad. Every part of it was peeling, but I’d never seen anything like it before. I instantly knew it would be a lot of work, but I brought it home and took it apart screw by screw and door by door. It was one of my first pieces that I rehabbed.


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