Mills Record Company featured in a new documentary on vinyl resurgence

After the creation of CDs and then later digital streaming devices many thought that the vinyl industry was going to die. The revival of the record industry may be puzzling to some who view vinyl as outdated but the documentary, Vinyl Nation, hopes to explain the value of this old technology. 

The film begins by featuring the beloved Mills Record Company of Kansas City. Opening the movie is a shot of music lovers waiting in line at 5:30 am outside in Westport on Record Store Day. 

As many vinyl fans know the annual April event, Record Store Day, has been postponed. This year the celebration has been divided into three days and begins this Saturday, August 29. 

People wait in lines for hours in hopes to get exclusive drops of their favorite records on this day but the novel coronavirus has caused it to proceed differently this year. For example, Mills Record Company encourages the audiophiles attending to print off their wishlist and bring it with them so the store’s personal shoppers can safely gather the albums. 

Some may wonder why anyone would go through all of this trouble just to listen to music. Modern technology has given us every song we could imagine at our fingertips. However, it is more than just listening to a song when it comes to vinyl. 

The documentary includes personal, often emotional, reflections by fans of analog music. Each person has their own story to tell about why records are important to them, but all attest to the connections that the music creates. 

When searching through the albums offered at record stores, you never know what you might find. The excitement of finding an old favorite in a bin after looking for years is something that digital platforms cannot replicate. 

Vinyl Nation emphasizes the tangible relationship that vinyl creates between the music and the listener. It does not seek to bring an old era of music back because of misplaced nostalgia but rather details how vinyl shapes our relationships in a modern age. 

Some of the proceeds made through ticket sales help to aid record stores, including Mills Record Company, who are harmed by COVID-19. Vinyl Nation is available for people to stream online on August 28

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