New Breakthrough Technology Is Better Than Botox

Daxxify. Photo by Jeremey Theron Kirby.

A new and improved alternative to botox debuts in KC. 

By Molly Higgins 

Every once in a while, a new scientific breakthrough will change the game. In the world of medspas, Daxxify is the latest technology with potential to revolutionize things. 

In September 2022, the FDA approved Daxxify (daxibotulinumtoxinA-lanm), an injectable product that is similar to botox. Although many injectables used to lessen wrinkles are more or less botox but with a different name, Daxxify has shown wrinkle improvement  that lasts at least six months compared to botox’s average of three to four.

Not only is the duration longer, but Daxxify is the only product of its kind to be manufactured in the United States. It is considered a “clean” product, without the use of human albumin serum or animal-based components. This “clean” or “naked” product is also the first of its kind because it uses peptide exchange technology.

“They’ve actually manufactured a peptide which is positively charged, and so it is able to attach to the same kind of neuro area where the other toxins [like botox] do, but since it’s positively charged, it gives you longer duration,” says Courtney DeKlotz, a nurse practitioner and injection specialist at Georgous Aesthetics. “It’s really fascinating because every other toxin that’s out there on the market right now does not have this technology.”

Although approved by the FDA in September, Daxxify is only being offered by four places in KC, meaning that medspas like Georgous Aesthetics, which debuted Daxxify first in the metro area in December, are among only one-percent of providers offering Daxxify in the U.S. Mary Cirese, managing director of Georgous Aesthetics, says that Daxxify will be widely available sometime in late spring 2023.

During the launch of Daxxify at Georgous Aesthetics in December 2022, they treated a wide variety of male and female patients who had been getting botox treatments, some for nearly two decades, to see how the duration they got out of the treatment would change. 

Daxxify has kept fine lines and wrinkles at bay for six to nine months, depending on each individual’s skin. “Overall, when you stop the muscle contraction in that area, it softens lines, it adds a kind of a glow to your skin,” DeKlotz says.

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