Pandemic survey finds almost half of Kansans are drinking at home during work hours

Nearly half of Kansans are drinking at home during work hours, according to a new survey by

The survey polled people in all fifty states and found that Kansas is among the day drunkest, with forty-seven percent of those surveyed reporting that they had a drink during the workday.

Kansas ranks at the top with Idaho, behind only Virginia and New Hampshire.

Missouri residents are keeping comparatively dry, with only thirty-two percent of respondents reporting that they engaged in day drinking while quarantined because of the coronavirus.

The survey found that beer is the drink of choice for workers tippling during the workday and that twenty percent of people reported that they’re stockpiling booze during the pandemic.

Men are more likely to day-drink than women, the survey found, and nationally it’s just over a third of the population who boozing on the clock.

A similar survey not broken-down by state found that nationally, the percentage of daytime drinkers was at forty-two percent.

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