Basement Repair in Kansas City—4 Damaging Signs to Look out For

Every area in the United States has its own issues when it comes to basement problems. Some areas may have more rain, some may have snow, some might stay cold more of the year and some may stay hot. If you live in Kansas City, you’ll need to make sure you’re keeping your basement safe from the unique trials your Kansas City basement may experience. Typically, this includes problems with the heavy rains and cold temperatures, but the type of soil in the Kansas City area can also cause concerns.

One of the most important things to remember is that you’re the first line of defense for basement problems. If you see a problem in your basement, you can then call an expert for basement repair in Kansas City. Here are four of the most important signs to look out for that can indicate problems with Kansas City’s heavy rains, cold temperature, and soil type.

1. Water in the Basement

You may have heard at some point that it’s relatively normal to have some amount of water in the basement. As a matter of fact, it’s definitely not normal. If you’re seeing water in the basement, it’s likely because the basement isn’t able to stand up to the pressure of the water in the soil around it. Because Kansas City tends to have such heavy rainfall, that water will build up around your basement, eventually moving in. Basement waterproofing from an expert, along with a sump pump to suck out excess water, can help you fix this problem.

2. Slanting and Uneven Floors

If you notice that your floors are slanting or uneven, it’s likely that the slanting is pretty serious. Most homeowners don’t notice slanting and uneven floors until the problem’s been going on for quite some time. This typically happens because one side of your foundation is sinking more quickly than the other side of the foundation. Because Kansas City has heavy rains and expansive soil, it can happen more commonly than you would expect. You’ll likely need a pier support system from an expert to fix this problem.

3. Cracks in the Walls and Ceiling

Any time you notice cracks in your home, you should call in a basement repair expert. This is especially true when it comes to cracks in your walls and ceiling that are noticeable as cracks and not just as small indents in the drywall. Oftentimes, this happens for the same reason as slanting and uneven floors: the foundation is shifting, causing the walls to move out of alignment and crack. In this case, a pier support system can also be very effective in fixing the problem and avoiding future cracks.

4. Efflorescence on the Floors and Walls

Efflorescence is the white “bloom” that can appear in your basement. It may even look a little bit like mold, which can be very scary to see. The good news is that efflorescence is not itself harmful. It’s made up of salt deposits that come in through the soil, carried through water that passes through cracks. Those cracks are the problem – water intrusion into the basement can cause high levels of moisture, which can turn into mold and structural concerns. If you’re seeing efflorescence, a basement repair expert can identify where the water is entering and how to stop it.


Although these are all signs that your Kansas City home is experiencing basement or foundation problems, they’re not remotely the only signs of these problems. Sometimes, the best option is to trust your gut and call in an expert. Many basement problems, especially water problems, are caused by either poor drainage or not enough foundation supports, both things that are common in the Kansas City area. Next time you note something that seems “a little off,” consider talking to an expert in basement repair in Kansas City to figure out the problem for good.

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