Pistachio green is the color everyone is wearing in fall 2019

When you think of fall colors, warm plums, mustard yellows and deep taupes probably come to mind. This fall’s biggest shade to wear deviates from warm tones and tries its luck in a cool green hue. Rock pistachio green in a monochromatic outfit, or sneak it in a statement purse. The trendy color varies from deep forest chroma to mintier complexions.

Shop the look:

Rib-knit Cardigan, $40, H&M

Skinny Ankle Pants, $60, Gap

Arabella Heels, $145, Anthropologie

Resin Skinny Hoop Earrings, $38, Banana Republic

Blazer, $70, Zara

Solo Origin Convertible Backpack, $88, Nordstrom

Pleated Jersey Skirt, $55, H&M

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