Pitch editor David Hudnall hosts Kansas City’s best seafood podcast

City Rag

It’s been more than two years since Kansas City’s venerable alternative newspaper The Pitch ditched its pulpy past and switched to a glossier monthly format. If you miss the extra content from the old days, subscribe to Pitch editor David Hudnall’s City Rag podcast, a bimonthly slice of city life that features in-depth political chatter along with discussions of the history of Waldo retail, local witch covens and what it’s like to drink at that strange bar inside Whole Foods.

“The intent for City Rag was for it to be this kinda shaggy, streetsmart podcast where people talk about KC in the same way the writers and journalists and assorted weirdos I hang out with talk about the city,” Hudnall says. “ The Pitch is a little more uptown and glossy (literally) than it once was, so I think of the podcast as a way to keep aflame our gutter heritage.”

That “gutter heritage” often involves discussions of downmarket seafood spots, such as the recent influx of all-you-can-eat crab spots.

“The idea of a Kansas City podcast that features recurring guests who talk exclusively about seafood just seemed very funny to me,” Hudnall says. “And it turns out that, once you start looking, there are actually a lot of weird KC seafood stories out there!”

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