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Danielle Lehman is never at a loss for words or suggestions for where to eat. As the host and creator of the Open Belly podcast, she’s constantly foraging for stories about immigrant chefs in the metro. Accompanying Lehman on her food storytelling journeys is her essential dining companion: her iPhone.

How long was your most recent phone call, and with whom was it: Twenty-two minutes with an immigration research and advocacy organization.

Battery percentage you feel compelled to charge your phone: Fifty percent. I’ve been accused of hogging the phone charger.

First app checked in the morning: Mail. I like to start my day by reading CNN’s “Five Things” newsletter.

Best app you use for your job: I love Slack for staying in constant communication with my team.

Favorite podcasts: Right now, I’m obsessed with “The Dave Chang Show.” I’m also into all of the true crime pods.

Current Uber rating: 4.91. I would totally have a 5.0, but my husband takes his sweet time getting to the car.

Number of unread emails: My phone says 16,972, but don’t be alarmed— I’ve actually read all of them. I have multiple email accounts that filter into one that I check.

Number of contacts: 574

Sources in your newsstand: CNN, Eater, NPR, Vice, TechCrunch and Bon Appetit Magazine

Cities on weather app: Kansas City, of course. Hutchinson, Kansas (my hometown). Santa Barbara, California (where I lived most recently before Kansas City). Portland, Oregon, and Asheville, North Carolina (two cities I’ve traveled to recently).

Most used emojis: I’m definitely guilty of overusing the laugh-crying emoji

Most recent text: “Is it too early to start thinking about lunch?”

Favorite app: I’m loving Moodnotes. You can track your mood and develop healthier thinking habits by identifying “thinking traps” we all fall into. It’s become a really useful tool for me to manage my stress and anxiety levels.Most listened to song: “Dreams” by The Electric Peanut Butter Company. It’s a Fleetwood Mac cover.

Siri — love or hate: Indifferent. My 2-year-old son thinks she’s hilarious.

Instagram account you stalk: I have a huge girl crush on our photographer for Open Belly, Alyssa Broadus. Her Instagram feed, @littlefixations, is always filled with the most interesting spots in Kansas City.

Times when you are totally off your phone: Only when I’m sleeping, and of course, when I’m interviewing a chef for the Open Belly podcast.

Biggest time suck app: I have a ton of unnecessary Pinterest boards. Exhibit A: Scary Easter Bunnies.

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