Screenshot: Jake Jacobson

Jake Jacobson and Phone Screen

If Jake Jacobson had to send his cell phone a valentine, it would probably say something along the lines of “Don’t ever leave me” or “Appy Valentine’s Day.” The director of public relations at Children’s Mercy is in a pretty serious relationship with his phone and they make a great team. Jacobson is known for his mastery of social media and if you’re not following him on twitter (@JakesJournal), you’re missing out. The P.R. maverick happily got deep with 435 about his bond with his phone.

Most recent phone call: An hour with my sister. We had a lot to catch up on.

Battery percentage you feel compelled to charge your phone: Less than 70 percent. #AlwaysBeCharging

First app checked in the morning: It’s a tie between Facebook and Twitter.

Game you really wish you could delete: I deleted them all when I needed space.

Favorite podcasts: NPR’s Invisibilia. Children’s Mercy will be featured in the new season, and I enjoyed getting to know host Alix Spiegel and producer Cara Tallo while they were in KC reporting.

Current Uber rating: 4.63. I can do better.

How many unread emails: 222. Wait, that’s one-third of 666 … that’s weird.

Number of contacts: 1,562

Sources in your newsstand: I use Twitter for my news and as a way to follow and stay connected with reporters I work with.

Cities on weather app: Kansas City, Chicago, Reykjavik

Most used emojis: Emojis

Most recent text: “You would love & learn from it, and they would love & learn from you.” I was encouraging a friend to apply for the Centurions program.

Favorite app: Spotify. I like for my life to have a soundtrack.

Most listened to song: George Michael’s “Freedom ’90” and Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” as in-car karaoke practice.

Siri — love or hate: Rarely use.

Favorite local Twitter account: Tie between Jeremy Danner (@Jeremy_Danner) and Sam Mellinger (@Mellinger), mostly so that I can set up a happy hour with both of them to discuss a tiebreaker.

Times when you are totally off your phone: Asleep or on a plane … or asleep on a plane.

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