Take Advantage of Presidents’ Day Sales

While it certainly doesn’t compare to Black Friday, Presidents’ Day in the United States is often associated with big sales. Falling on February 17th of 2020, the holiday is promoted as a shopping holiday that always takes place the third Monday of February. Created in 1885 to honor George Washington, the holiday became synonymous with all U.S. Presidents in 1971. Almost every large retailer jumps on board, offering plenty of sales to American consumers. Intelligent shoppers can now take advantage of Presidents’ Day sales, ranging from powerful CBD gummies to 65 inch smart TVs.

Since Donald Trump signed the U.S. Farm Bill of 2018 into law, it is now legal to buy and sell all CBD products produced from hemp. And could there be any sweeter way to remember historical presidents than with gummies? The top CBD edibles on the market actually help people keep away stress. The best CBD gummies provide relaxing benefits to both the mind and the body. When your body is loosened up, it can fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night. The end results are fantastic for individuals’ energy levels throughout the day. Just CBD Gummies also taste fabulous.


Furniture may not taste as sweet or make you feel as chill as CBD edibles, but you can still find top quality Presidents’ Day sales on beds, couches, tables, bookcases, desks and more marked down for the holiday. Whether shopping in a retail store or on a high tech app, you may be able to find the lowest prices of the year, topped with free delivery. Spend as little time browsing the sale at Macy’s and Kohl’s, as well as Target. Don’t forget to look for special prices on patio furniture at Lowe’s and Home Depot.

Electronics are also a giant seller on Presidents’ Day. Consumers can almost always find wonderful deals on desktop computers, such as at stores like Dell and eBay. Everything from refrigerators and washing machines to heating systems and coffeemakers are marked down. Buyers can look for video doorbells on Amazon, Apple Watches at Best Buy and televisions with PurColor technology at Walmart.


We may be moving well into the spring, but that doesn’t mean it is time to bust out your bathing suit at the park just yet. That’s why folks can often find low prices on winter apparel. Prices are slashed on sweaters, coats and furry hats. You can save a bundle if you stock up before you even think about seeing snow again. Of course, you probably won’t find the exact makes and styles you desire at sale prices. In other words, feel free to splurge on that cool sweater you saw in the mall. Kurt Cobain would be proud. Pop names, like Nike and Gap, may not have slashed prices. That means you’ll have to be a crafty shopper, keeping an eye out for your best options.

There is no reason any Chiefs fan can’t relax watching the Super Bowl champs on an enormous TV with some amazing CBD merchandise bought on sale. After all, it is Presidents’ Day. I wonder when there’ll be a Patrick Mahomes’ Day?

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