Sweet and fuzzy peach cider is the standout at the new Brick River cidery in the west Crossroads

Photography by Caleb Condit & Rebecca Norden.

The cider maker at the new Brick River Cider Co. in the Crossroads can’t disclose what kind of apples she uses. The blend of apples Brick River uses, all Midwestern, is a “trade secret.”

That’s fine, though. While it’s nice to have more hard ciders in the city, joining KC Cider Co. and a handful of breweries that also dabble in apple-based alcohol, Brick River’s dry ciders aren’t the standouts. 

The best thing we had at Brick River is the Homestead Peach. “Homestead” is a brand for Brick River, not a description of sourcing. Although the brand’s owner’s family has an orchard, this cloudy, semi-sweet cider is made with a frozen puree of peaches.

The Homestead Peach is made mostly with apples from multiple fermentations, with the peach puree added as an adjunct. It gives the cider a stone fruit punch and a burst of bright but not overwhelming sweetness.  

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