The Beags Bus: An annotated tour of superfan Jeff Beagle’s tailgate rig

Photo by Samantha Levi

2000 FORD E350

“It was an old folks’ home shuttle bus. We bought it and I gutted the inside.”

Boozin’ With Beags Flag

“My buddy actually got this flag for our wedding present. When I met my wife, I told her, ‘Just a head’s up: We’re going to have season tickets for the rest of our lives. This is what we do on Sundays during football season. Just be prepared.'”

Jack’s Pack Flag

“My grandfather Jack Bywaters had season tickets since the team came—we’re on the lower level at the 50 yard line. Nobody has ever sat in our seats besides my family. His flag says Jack’s Pack. That was his flag that he flew in the exact same spot, G25, through his whole life.”

Missing Side Mirror

“One of my buddies got a little intoxicated—I forget which game it was—and we’d lost the game, so he decided to tackle it. I have yet to get a new mirror on it.”

Side Wrap (Presented by Jim Beam)

“I work for Standard Beverage, the biggest liquor distributor in Kansas. We sell Jim Beam and we sell it well. When I bought the bus and was looking to get a wrap, I reached out to my Jim Beam guy and he said, ‘Yup, throw a couple logos on it and we’ll take care of you.’ It’s a tradition that, whenever we all get on the bus, before we pull out of the driveway, we all take a shot of Jim Beam.”

Underseat Storage

“We put in the bench seats because we want to pack as many as we can comfortably in there, so we can fit thirteen or fourteen people comfort-ably every Sunday. The underseat storage is key. That’s where we put our Coleman tailgate grill we use. That’s where we put the pop-up tents and the lawn chairs.”


“The bus has a built-in slot for a big ‘ol cooler. Everybody brings their own beer. We always pack the cooler full.”

Kansas RV Plates

In Missouri, passengers can famously drink while riding in a normal car. In Kansas, that’s only legal in an RV.

Justin The Driver

“I actually bought my buddy a season ticket at a discounted rate so he would drive the bus. Our crew is pretty rowdy, so no one really wants to drive. Everybody chipped in and we made it worth his while.”

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