This year’s Chiefs team is very angry, Spotify data shows

Photo by Jeremey Theron Kirby

Chiefs Training Camp is concluding, and after a preseason week one victory, it seems that all that hard work has paid off. But just how do the boys get and stay hyped during all those hours of training? Well, their playlists may offer some answers.

The data suggests this team is a little bit… angry. Understandable after losing by a bunch to Tom Brady and the Bucs in the Super Bowl. Chiefs players are gravitating to metal, especially the angry stuff.

Analysts at OGUS examined the team’s official Spotify and Tidal playlists to determine the players’ favorite songs that get them pumped up.

Rage Against the Machine
The most-played band on the team’s playlists turns out to be this legendary SoCal nu metal band. Hype songs from the band you’ll probably recognize include “Killing In The Name,” “Testify” and “Bulls On Parade.”

When it comes to official NFL playlists, this iconic band seems to be the (Hell’s) Bell of the ball. While they may be the Chiefs’ second-favorite artist, they are actually the NFL’s favorite artist overall—showing up in the Top Five in the playlists of every single team in the league.

Beastie Boys
Because nothing will get you more pumped up than fighting for your right to party, which in the team’s case, may occur after earning themselves another Lombardi Trophy.

What better self-affirmations for a team are there than “We Will Rock You” or “We Are The Champions”? Songs like these are the musical equivalent to doing power poses in the mirror before a job interview.

The Rolling Stones
The team’s playlists feature these Hall of Famers with hype songs like “Start Me Up.” While you can’t always win what you want, training hard to music like this sure is a good start.

Training music preferences vary widely from team to team. Across the league, you’ll find team playlists topped with artists like Eminem, DJ Khaled, Drake and even Skrillex. But it turns out that our boys in red mainly get pumped up by good old-fashioned rock.

Know you enemy, boys.

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