Trendy water bottles aren’t new to VSCO girls — here’s a look back

Although a reusable water bottle might seem like a mundane everyday necessity, VSCO girls will tell you the opposite. The Gen Z subculture of teenage girls named for a photo filtering app is identified by nineties-era hair scrunchies, puka shell choker necklaces and Hydro Flask water bottles. With environmentally friendly water bottles becoming a status symbol of today’s youth, we decided to deep-dive into the last few decades of reusable bottle trends.

1989- Coleman

Pizza Hut made this one-gallon portable keg popular with its refillable “Relief Pitcher,” which allowed customers to get unlimited Pepsi refills.

1990s- Sports Bottle

These guzzlers with crunchy plastic straws and clean edges didn’t come from a specific brand, but they were everywhere. You probably got one on vacation in Orlando or at a Chiefs game.

Sports Bottle

1999- Nalgene

Originally popular with backpackers and climbers, the wide-mouthed Nalgene bottles became trendy in the mid-nineties, especially when covered in bumper stickers.


2011- Bobble

This bottle with a built-in filter came in a rainbow of colors and was arguably the first reusable bottle viewed as fashionable — it was sold at stores like Urban Outfitters and American Apparel.


2012- Camelbak

The Eddy bottle has similar lines to the Hydro Flask, but it comes with the bite valve mouthpiece you find attached to the company’s backpack bladders.


2013- Tervis

There’s a Tervis tumbler for everyone. Knitted patches of sports teams, inspirational quotes and patterns live in the clear double walls of each container.


2016- S’well

Elevated prices for a reusable water bottle made some roll their eyes, but that didn’t stop the S’well trend from happening. The company has collaborated with high-end brands like Lilly Pulitzer and Swarovski.


2017- Yeti

The cooler company’s popular line of insulated cups is heavy-duty and insulated to hold hot and cold drinks.


Now- Hydro Flask

Recognized by the company’s energetic doodle logo, the uber-popular canteens were originally marketed at outdoorsy people but have recently become popular with those who prefer to live a life through a filter (VSCO girls).


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